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Alfredo Zayas

State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser
License #RD5793

Legal Appraisal Services LLC

For years, our clients have relied on our expertise to provide high-quality residential appraisals in the State of Florida. By continuously keeping up with real estate trends and staying current on valuation techniques, we’ve been consistently able to produce reliable home valuations for our clients since 2002. MAI Appraiser on staff.

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Despite the fact that it seems mounting regulations keep adding to an appraiser’s workload, we’re able to keep our rates low yet always meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. It’s been our experience that regardless of the business, service is the top reason a client comes, goes, repeats or refers others. Naturally, we treat our clients as we prefer to be treated ourselves whether we’re in person, on the phone or via e-mail. It all adds up to simply the best possible experience for our customers. Call us today, and let us prove to you why we’re different.